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Binder for cementless concrete DESOL CF. Designed

for the manufacture of monolithic lining and vibrocast

products from both oxide and non-oxide aggregates that

do not contain free calcium and magnesium oxides.

Depending on the nature of the filler, the application temperature is up to 24000 C. The binder is an aqueous solution of nanosized silicon

oxide and complex modified additives. Does not contain substances harmful to health and the environment,including acids and phenols.

The main advantage of concretes using this binder is the

speed of putting the lining into operation.

Lining with a thickness of 300 mm and a weight of up to 10 tons can be heated from the moment of pouring to 12000 C for 15 hours.

Using this binder allows you to:

- Minimize pre-drying of concrete;

- speed up and simplify the process of warming up concrete before putting it into operation;

- introduce flake graphite into concrete to increase its chemical resistance;

- reduces the influence of ambient temperature on the physical properties of concrete;

- increases the shelf life and use of the mixture.

Basic requirements for the filler:

- absence of free oxides of alkaline earth metals

- lack of cement

- no modifiers and plasticizers

- water absorption of aggregate should not exceed 15%

Recommended placeholders:

- tabular alumina

- filler of the AZS system

- aluminum-magnesium spinel with magnesium oxide content not more than 17%

- silicon carbide

- andalusite, kyanite, chamotte

The binder is supplied separately from the base mix, so the shelf life of the concrete can be extended up to 24 months.


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