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Keeping up with progress and ahead of it as much as possible is the goal of our enterprise, which is not only engaged in production, but also in scientific research.

With extensive experience in research and development, we focus not only on improving existing technological processes, but also on finding completely new solutions

that have both scientific significance and contribute to the activities of both individual enterprises and entire industries. The choice of the main directions of our activity is connected, first of all, with the demand for the tasks that our colleagues and partners set before us. A number of these tasks are associated with increased

requirements for energy savings. Existing health and environmental concerns have motivated us to develop safe binders free of phenol and its derivatives.

The problems of accelerated start-up of monolithic linings prompted us to work on binders for refractory concretes, which provide heating of massive monolithic

linings in 15-17 hours to the operating temperature. Such binders can be used for lining induction furnaces with melting temperatures up to 1900°C. Binders

that make it possible to produce inert concretes with a temperature of the onset of deformation under load of at least 1700°C are also in demand both in

metallurgy and heat engineering. Binders for monolithic lining of glass furnaces, instead of fused cast refractories containing ZrO2, are also very relevant.

First of all, due to a significant reduction in energy consumption in the production of refractories for glass furnaces. A separate type of binder for heat-insulating

products operating at high temperatures under conditions of increased vibration and high mechanical loads, in particular for insulating hearth (gliding) pipes in

heating furnaces, can also be used to manufacture products from ceramic fibers operating at temperatures up to 1500°C. Phenol-free binders for mineral wool

products and ceramic fiber products can not only reduce the harmful effects on the human body and the environment, but also improve the quality of these products

and give them new properties. We are always ready for cooperation and ready to solve problems in almost all areas related to refractory materials and

high-temperature thermal insulation.

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